About Us


GT Fast foods was founded in 1989 by Elder P.O. Omofuma, an Entrepreneur who began selling from his roadside restaurant at Ujeme, Ekpoma with assistance from his wife, Deaconess Elizabeth Omofuma and just two working staff. The business stood the test of Time, diversifying the market by challenging the established dominanace of already existing foreign restaurants, with branches in some States of the Country. However, in 2013, the idea of a more unique and “edge cutting” innovation for the GT Organisation was thought out by the Founder/Chairman and his son (Ozemoya Omofuma). As a result, GT Foods Plus was birthed in Ugbor, G.R.A., Benin City.

GT Foods Plus have maintained the core traditional values that has kept the company in her prime since inception. With the infusion of some modern innovation ideas like the Mobile Bus Food Outlets currently running in Uniben, Caravan Fastfood Outlet currently running in UBTH and also our Home Delivery Food System, taking our meals to our beloved customers who lives within the axis of our various food outlets, GT Food Plus added more beauty and flexibility to the Fastfood Industry.

What we believe in
At GT Food Plus, we believe in a world where excellence is a culture and service to others comes from the heart. We also believe that our meals should create a feeling reminding you, our esteemed customers, of home-cooked delicacies.

They say “a hungry man is an angry man” but we say “give us a hungry man and we’d make him glad!” We can say this because we make serious effort to ensure that our meals match every customer’s taste and give them utmost satisfaction.

All praise be to God for making these ideas come to reality and crowning our efforts with this beautiful State –of-the-Art Fastfood and Event Hall, for we know that only God can do this.

You can be rest assured that the most sumptuous meals would be waiting for you to savour. Thank you Ugbor. We are ready to serve you and also share this experience with you.
Best Service, Best Meal, Best Experience!